The Dos and don’ts of logo design & trends expected to follow most in 2022

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For any business, branding is the most important thing. You can say the personality of a business is its branding as a complicated amalgamation of tone, voice, color range, front choices, and the good story leaves a long-lasting impression and transforms a business from its contenders.

Logo design of a brand is also important as it identifies the brand, and it plays a great role in branding.ARM Infoway is the top logo design company in Ahemdabad. 

As we enter 2022, we’re all a little intelligent and ready to move with upgraded technology. So, if you are starting a new business or renovating your current business, make sure you hire a good logo design company. Your logo is worth watching as logo design is the face of your brand and authentication of your business.

The logos of Nike, Apple, McDonald’s are some of the popular brands in the world. Every brand has a distinctive logo design.

1. Do your designs initially in black and white

Selecting the perfect color for the logo is an important thing as appropriate color can make the logo of the company boom. First, however, it is essential to know how the same logo looks in black and white. If the logo looks blurred or unreadable, you need to go back to the design board again.

2. Don’t add so many colors to it

Making a colored logo is a good thing, but check the color you are using when designing a logo. Aspire for simple looking and insert only two-three colors in your logo design. Therefore, if you think it is too busy, take the image and view it on your computer after seeing your design.

However, if the design looks blurry, it’s time to extract some colors.

3. Do separate the pictures from the text

If you think your logo is perfect with icon and text, you separate the icon and text. As a result, your logo looks much better. However, in social media, you have to make your logo distributable and an icon.

4. Don’t select the inaccurate font

 The font you have put into the logo design looks great on-screen; you should test it by looking at it in other situations. Like it would be best if you viewed it from a distance or saw how it looks when it fuses with the other fonts used in printed materials on your site. 

5. Do put the drop shadows

Dropping the shadows might be a good option, but they are made for the heavy files that have been sent wrongly or have not been sent. Also, you can develop[ the display issues, and your logo will look obsolete. However, the little graphic they give is not significant.

6. Don’t use WordArt

Selecting the Wordart might be risky as the logo you have selected might be selected by anyone else. Therefore, you should create your logo design in a unique style and avoid using WordArt. You can’t take risks while creating your brand identity, the logo, as somebody else is also using the same WordArt.

7. Do avoid irrelevant words.

Too many words are not good as per the marketing, so most logo design companies avoid using too many words. It would be best if you created very simple logos. Do not merge the company name with the icon and use the few words; you will get out of benefit from it.

In 2022, how interaction people will change because of the effect of the pandemic, political movement and climate event. Here are some of the branding trends you should follow in 2022, given by the logo designer are:

  • Motive Driven Campaigns

Whichever brand it is, a brand with a motive will help develop good connections with the customers. However, customers are motive-less, profitable businesses. So brands should explain their motives or issues to make the world a better place, whether environmental concern, equality or anything. And why it is important to expect more loyalty from the users.

But you should be genuine and bring positive change to attract more customers.

  • Memes for brands

Memes are the best source of doing the digital communication. It is the best way to react to the important and current happenings and with a sense of humor. So your logo design company should make a meme that strikes the users and gets good likes on social media like newsletters, videos, and blogs.

  • Virtual Events

Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to use social media or digital platforms. It has opened up a massive range of availability for customers, which now they will not let go of easily. Digital events relieve the concerns of child care, transit and many other issues. Moreover, global connections between the biggest brand and customers are possible.

  • Bold Colours

In 2021 the biggest logo designs trending has bold and muted colors. However, many logo design companies in Ahmedabad or anywhere have merchandise their bright colors with softer tones over the years, from planters to other big brands. Moreover, the soft colors are attractive if the correct color combinations are done.

  • Social Interaction

At the pandemic, we have seen the importance of human interactions, social interactions and community. So firstly, brands started working on it and followed this trend of creating online communities for their customers to stay in contact with the brand and each other.

This trend is not going out of style, so if you have not formed any community on social media, try inviting people on Facebook and other social media platforms.

  • Chargeable Newsletters

In 2020, we also saw a rise in sending digital newsletters to their readers and fabricating their work through a paid subscription. Most of the writers are generating good revenues per year.

We have seen this trending as brands have prioritized al-inclusively accessing the informational and engaging content and will take forward this trend in 2022, decided by most logo design companies.