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PHP is a very well known scripting language that is very well suited to web development. The ARM team focuses on rendering PHP solutions that are robust, responsive, adaptable and rapid.

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We are specifically known for our expertise and the engaging solutions and intuitively designed websites. PHP is a language that consists of various frameworks. Being one of the most reliable server side scripting languages, PHP is a widely used platform for qualitative website development. Build customizable and high-end web solutions with our enhanced quality experts. At ARM, our web development solutions pass through strict testing and quality checks to ensure the delivery of best in class solutions. We also help you scale up your idea and assure that you achieve your goals in terms of web solution.
We are a leading PHP development company and the team at ARM is expert at not only building the business solutions, but also networking systems, enterprise solutions, CMS to help your business benefit from the wide range of PHP frameworks.

Advantages of PHP

Easy to Learn

When compared to other scripting languages, PHP is one of the easiest scripting languages to learn and use. You may not need to have a manual or in depth research of the technology, to develop the code. The entire PHP syntax is well-organized and logical. The command functions are highly easy to understand, those who are familiar with C can easily develop PHP website scripts.

Open Source

It is open source and free of cost that helps developers to install and get started with it. PHP comes with a lot of frameworks and offers flexibility to developers to choose any of them, the developers will be provided all the features and tools. As it is open source, it makes the system ready with PHP in nearly no time and ultimately makes the development faster.

Easy Integration

PHP is compatible with a huge number of operating systems. It can easily run on various platforms like UNIX, Solaris and Linux. This framework can be integrated with any softwares in no time and with very less effort, you might not require any kind of redevelopment in the existing software.


PHP is famous as the fastest programming language when compared to other languages. Even over slow internet and data speed, the applications developed with PHP can be easily loaded. As for other applications, they take a long time to connect the database and fetch the data once it executes certain queries from the database.

Highly Flexible

Whether it is during an ongoing project or it is after the completion of a project, PHP is highly flexible. In any scripting language, flexibility is a very important factor as it’s functionality can be changed as per requirement anytime. This extraordinary feature of the language saves a lot of developer’s time as it does not require fresh codes everytime there comes a change.

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Our PHP Development services

We have a pool of technocrats focused on delivering the best software solution. Right from the development to optimization and support, we make sure that every task done by us is delivered with efficiency and excellence. Our Laravel Development Services include:
Migration Factory

PHP Web Development

First of all, our team members learn about the exclusive demands and requirements of your business. After that, we offer a PHP web solution that fits rightly to your needs and takes you towards your goal.


CMS Development

Our team is expert at offering an unparalleled CMS solution that ensures that you receive PHP based output that is beautifully aligned with the business strategy.


Custom Web App Development

The team at ARM is highly trained in delivering excellent and extraordinary customized web applications with features that are unmatched and in sync with your business goals.


Portal Development Solution

We develop simple yet elegant portals that can be used as the internal business portal or a specific user portal depending on the requirements of your business

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We have a team of php developers with extensive experience and sheer dedication to deliver perfection. We already belong to a list of top brands in terms of quality of web development. We aim at delivering software solutions beyond excellence to our customers for a seamless experience.

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