Flutter Development

Flutter is basically a mobile app SDK for creating responsive and fluid native interfaces for both iOS and Android. Powered by Google, Flutter is just the perfect application for exceptional features like hot reload, widget libraries etc. The platform offers finest cross platform app development by keeping a single codebase.
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ARM Infoway - A Place to Suffice All Types of Flutter Development Requirements

ARM offers expressive, revolutionary and highly flexible softwares with Flutter. The finest next-gen apps for iOS and Android with a single codebase can be developed using this platform. We are a prominent Flutter App Development Company that aims at developing beautifully crafted and feature-rich mobile apps to meet all our client’s requirements. In order to make the store look and feel like a home, it offers platform-specific scrolling, navigational patterns and beautiful fonts.

Advantages of Flutter

Quicker Code Writing

Flutter basically means a faster and highly dynamic mobile app development platform for the developers. It is faster because the changes made in the code can be straight away noticed in the application. Hot reload is also highly easy and comfortable in the developer designer cooperation at the times of improvement in the application.

Single Code for Both the Platforms

This is a great benefit because you may not need to hire two developers for both android and iOS each. Only a single codebase can work perfectly well for the two platforms. It is independent of the platforms as it has its own widgets and designs.

Lesser Testing

If the app is the same for both the platforms, it requires lesser testing comparatively. Hence the Quality Assurance process can be very much faster than other platforms. As there is just one codebase, the automatic tests are written only once.

Same UI on Old Devices Too

If the application is built with Flutter, it will look exactly the same on the older versions of Android and iOS systems. The platform does not require any additional costs to support older devices.

Similar to Native App Performance

Application performance, being highly crucial for the user experience, makes it mandatory for Flutter applications to deliver experience similar to native apps. Additionally, Flutter is built directly into the machine code and hence eliminates the performance bugs of the interpretation process.

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Our Flutter Development Services

Cross Platform Application Development

Leverage the expertise of our experienced Flutter development professionals to build a cross platform application.


Plugin Development

Build an amazing experience on your application with the additional plugins developed by us using Flutter.

Migration of workloads

Socket io and Web Socket Communication

Get applications like chat, real-time games with the help of web socket and build communication between devices.


Maintenance and Support

Not only development, we help you keep your app updated and fresh with maintenance and support services.


Hybrid App Development

Develop the finest iOS and Android app for various industries as our developers offer quality code libraries.

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The team of experienced developers at ARM will take into consideration everything that is required to develop the best mobile app for our clients. We aim at delivering the software solutions to help our customers get maximum ROI.

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We Deliver. What We Promise.

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