Cloud Servies

The cloud services are hosted in a data center that can be accessed by companies or individuals using network connectivity.

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Cloud Migration - ARM Infoway

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is basically a process in which an organization’s digital assets, resources, services are deployed in the cloud and the migrated asset cannot be accessed beyond the cloud’s firewall. 

Task Automation
Disaster Recovery
Zero Risk Failure

AWS Web Services

Design, build and implement cloud solutions, reduce your IT costs and streamline operations with AWS – Amazon Web services from ARM Infoway. 

Unlimited Server Capacity
Reliable Encryption & Security
Managed IT Services
Flexibility & Affordability

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G Suite Services

Now work smoother, and faster with G Suite Services. We are always standing by to provide quick support, a range of cloud solutions, and custom cloud product development.

Data Protection
Easy Sharing
Unlimited Storage
CRM Integrations

Cloud Computing Service

Cloud Computing is basically changing how businesses make use of information technology. It is an infrastructure and software model that offers businesses with a facility to access the pool of data storage, networks, servers and applications.

SaaS - Software As A Service
Paas - Platform As A Service
DaaS - Desktop As A Service
IaaS - Infrastructure As A Service

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